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Lumenok Bolt Ends Lumenok Bolt Assemblies  

Burt Coyote Lumenok Bolt Assemblies. 

Available in diameters to fit most crossbow bolts, in both Flat and Crescent ends to accommodate all makes of Crossbows. 
xxxxF denotes flat ends, xxxxC denotes Crescent or "moon" ends

Lumenok Crossbow bolt info:  


Lumenok Model #  

Fits Inside shaft diameter

Horton HP Carbon


(.297 ID)

Easton Powerbolt


(.297 ID)

Beaman Thunderbolt


(.297 ID)

Gold Tip Laser II bolts


(.300 ID)

Blackhawk Crossfire


(.272 ID)

Carbon Impact Ultrabolt

CI3000C & CI3000F

(.299 ID)

All 2219 Aluminum Shafts

2219C & 2219F

(.306 ID)

All 2216 Aluminum Shafts

2216C & 2216F

(.314 ID)

The Lumenok Crossbow bolt end is manufactured from the same durable polycarbonate material that race car windshields are made from. Each bolt end is precision machined to fit a specific shaft size. They are specially designed to allow all of the light generated in the patented Lumenok light module to shine toward the shooter. This allows the shooter to readily follow arrow flight, even with today's fastest crossbows.

Complete Lumenok equipped bolts, ready to shoot, just add a point. Lumenok bolt assemblies are available in flat or crescent style ends to accommodate all crossbow manufacturers. Bolt is 20" long carbon with 3-4" vanes.

Refer to the table above to determine which bolt end you should use in your bolts, or allow us to supply ready to shoot carbon bolt assemblies.

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Note:  The Burt Coyote Co. Inc. builds the Crossbow bolt end in RED only. The Lumenok Crossbow Bolt End works only in shafts that contain enough carbon to be electrically conductive. For proper function nock end of shaft must be square and free of non-conductive coatings or materials.